Why I Decided to Run

Our communities are full of strong, resilient, caring, talented people. Yet, there are too many people in our communities who are hurting - financially, physically, mentally. In a country that prides itself in being the "Land of Opportunity" where people can "pull themselves up by their bootstraps", we are sorely lacking in opportunity. In the current time and environment, it seems almost impossible to get ahead. In fact, many are falling further behind. The evidence is clear - the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The middle class is growing smaller and smaller. Corporations, with their deep pockets and lax morals, have the upper hand, and they are aggressively manipulating people, especially those in positions of power. Corporate interests and the interests of the wealthy 1% are being heard and laws are getting passed that benefit them and hurt the rest of us. This is leading to the degradation of our communities. We have a voice and we need to make sure our interests get heard. I will always stand up for us - all of us - and make sure all people in our communities have access to opportunities to have their voices heard by decision-makers and elected officials. Together, we can take our communities back and create safe, healthy, wholesome, inclusive, prosperous communities!

The Issues

Small Businesses and Jobs

We have an abundance of smart, skilled, and creative people, and we need more local living wage jobs. I will work to support small businesses in cultivating and realizing their full potential. Small businesses can prosper with support from lawmakers and less bureaucracy. We can also help increase the success of small businesses through education, marketing, and other resources, such as small loans and grants, for new and existing businesses.


Our talented, dedicated educators and school employees need our support to help give our children the best foundation for a healthy, productive life. I will support retaining qualified teachers with pay increases and good benefits. Children's early formative years are crucial to their success in life, and we need to ensure adequate funding for early childhood education. Oregon has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the nation, and in order to set up our youth for success, we need to focus on measures that will increase the number of youth who graduate high school. To help youth transition out of high school and prosper beyond, we need to expand career and technical education and make college more affordable for everyone.


Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves access to good quality, affordable health and mental health care. This includes access to affordable prescription medication. There is a growing number of people who are experiencing health issues, and health care and prescription medication prices are rising. No one should have to worry about losing everything just because they got sick. We need to focus on lowering healthcare costs, increasing access to care, improving quality of care, and creating and expanding policies, systems, and environments the prevent disease. One important way to help improve quality of care is to take better care of workers through fair pay, benefits, and treatment so they can take better care of patients.

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